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Rural & Tribal Communities Call on TC Energy to Cancel Keystone XL Pipeline Activity Due to Coronavirus Public Health Threat

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As the public health emergency from the novel coronavirus forces social distancing and community lockdowns, TC Energy (formerly TransCanada) is about to endanger thousands of workers by sending them into rural and Tribal communities along the path of its proposed Keystone XL pipeline that are unequipped to handle the public health threat, in addition to the increased crime and sexual violence – especially targeting Indigenous women – arising from pipeline worker “man camps.”

This is a time when recognizing the health and safety of everyone – especially the most vulnerable and marginalized communities – is integral to the health and safety of our entire country. That’s why we are all making sacrifices to protect our friends, families, and neighbors.

TC Energy must immediately halt all “pre-construction” activity on the Keystone XL project  and recall all workers it has already dispatched into the small rural and Tribal communities of Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska.


Cancel KXL: Halt All Keystone XL Construction Due to Coronavirus Public Health Emergency

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For the health and safety of workers, and residents of ill-equipped rural and Tribal communities along the route of TC Energy (TransCanada’s) proposed Keystone XL pipeline, all “pre-construction” activity should be immediately halted in the face of the public health threat from the novel coronavirus.

TC Energy must cancel all plans to move forward on construction, and in particular halt at once the establishment of any “man camps” that would bring thousands of out-of-state workers into rural communities, where rural hospitals and under-funded Indian Health Services cannot be expected to be burdened with any additional strain on their already limited capacity to provide care to those infected by the coronavirus. Man camps also generally bring into communities increased crime and sexual violence — especially targeting Indigenous women.

A national emergency has been called. A growing number of cities and companies are cancelling construction projects. We call on TC Energy to immediately halt all activity and cancel its planned construction on the Keystone XL pipeline project, as well as provide ongoing unemployment aid for all their potentially affected workers.

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